Identity Documents of Italians in Trieste (1915)

Identity Documents of Italians in Trieste (1915)

The State Archive of Trieste has made available online a collection of digital images titled “Regnicoli in fuga,” corresponding to identity documents of citizens of the Kingdom of Italy renewed at the Italian Consulate in Trieste in 1915, when Trieste was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Brief History of Trieste

In antiquity, both Trieste and Venice, situated in the Adriatic region, had a complex relationship, at times as competitors and at others as allies or commercial partners.

Due to the aggressions of the Republic of Venice in 1382, Trieste sought protection from Austria. In 1719, the city became a free port and experienced significant development with investments from the Austrian Empire. In 1867, it became the capital of the Adriatic Littoral region within the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In the 20th century, Trieste developed as a commercial and industrial center, becoming the fifth-largest city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1910. Despite being a key port, Trieste maintained strong cultural ties with Italy.

On May 24, 1915, after a year of neutrality, Italy entered World War I alongside the Entente. After World War I, Trieste became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1919.

Italy’s Entry into World War I and Ethnic Conflicts in Trieste

Following Italy’s entry into the war, tensions arose between the Italian population and non-Italian ethnic groups in the region. The city experienced riots and ethnic tensions, with some Triestines considered sympathizers of Italy and “regnìcoli,” subjects of the Kingdom of Italy residing in the city, being targeted (persecution, arson of their properties) by opposing ethnic groups.

The lives of Italian immigrants in Austrian territory were suddenly and dramatically disrupted. After many years of work and integration into the host city, Italians from the Kingdom were forced to return to their country to avoid imprisonment or conscription by Austrian authorities. As early as March and April 1915, a long line of “regnìcoli” waited outside the office of the General Consulate of the Kingdom of Italy in Trieste for passport certification.

Digitized Images of “Identity Documents” of Italians in Trieste

The State Archive of Trieste has made available online the “Carte d’identità provvisorie” = Provisional Identity Cards of the Italian “regnìcoli” from Trieste preserved in the archival collection of the General Consulate of Italy in Trieste. This constitutes an extraordinary source documenting, through images attached to the documents, a particular moment in daily and social life during World War I.

The collection of images is titled “Regnicoli in fuga.” It is important to note that these are individuals born in the Kingdom of Italy (e.g., Udine, Pordenone, Pesaro, Benevento, Bologna) who were residing in Trieste in 1915.

Below is a table of digitized records containing surnames, names, and links to access the image of the “carta d’identità” and the data of each individual.

Agostini Maria
Ambroset Giovanni Ambrogio
Amodeo Francesco
Angeli Melania
Barachini Catterina
Barone Giovanni
Baroni Elisabetta
Barrachini Antonio
Barzilai Gemona
Bedini Guglielmo
Berengan Teofilo
Bertuzzi Rodolfo
Bianchi Ernesto
Bianco Rosa Luigi
Bianco Rosa Placido
Bianconi Oreste
Biasutto Maria
Bidoli Carmela
Bino Luigi
Biondi Eugenio
Bonino Sofia
Borghello Luigi
Borghese Teresa
Bortoluzzi Ernesto
Bortoluzzi Germanico
Boscariol Rosa
Boschioni Angelo
Bosco Antonio
Bosco Teresa
Bosco Vittoria
Boscutti Enrico
Bozzetto Luigi
Brovedani Pia
Brussatin Angelo
Bullo Lucia
Buri Virginia
Buzzi Orsola
Cabrini Elisa
Caburlotto Emilio
Calzavari Eugenio
Camerino Isacco Davide
Canzian Santo
Cappello Luigi
Carisi Antonietta
Cavalcante Alice
Cecchi Angelo
Ceriello Luigi
Chien Arturo
Cicutto Pietro Luigi
Cingolani Mariano
Ciscatto Enrica
Cividino Giacomo
Cividino Guido
Cividino Vittorio
Cleva Giuseppina
Coen Chiarina
Coen Samuele
Cominotto Mattia
Conte Luigi
Costantini Mario
Cotino Laure
Cozzi Pietro
Cusin Elena
D’Agostino Maria Giulia
D’Olivo Margherita
Da Fano Elisa
Da Fano Ettore
Dal Frate Angelo
Dalla Mura Erminia
Danielis Domenico
De Angelis Domenico
De Col Aurelia
De Col Pietro
De Kant Lucrezia
De Lorenzi Bernardo
De Mattia Luigi
De Paolis Elisa
De Rosa Domenico
De Rosa Luigi
De Tina Giovanni
Del Piero Eugenia
Dell’Agnolo Antonio
Della Zotta Giuseppe
Di Bin Celeste
Di Liberti Luigia
Donati Olga
Donati Regina
Donoli Edoardo
Dorico Maria
Dughiari Elisa
Errera Angelina
Fabbri Adone
Fabrizio Gerardo
Fanna Carlo Luigi
Filippini Edoardo
Foresti Maria Teresa
Franceschinis Giuseppe
Frizziero Vittorio
Fullin Maria
Gaggion Dersolea
Gaggion Italia
Gaggion Maria
Gaggiva Antonio
Gaiardi Emilia
Galletti Marialena
Gambardella Giuseppina
Gandini Achille
Garantito Celestino
Gattolin Maria
Gentilomo Alice
Gianantoni Giovanni
Giretti Antonio
Gladulich Maria Genoveffa
Gramaccini Luigi
Greatti Giuseppina
Grego Levi Mayer Ofelia
Grivelli Antonia
Guerra Maria
Iarach Marco
Ietri Pietro
Kiva Chiara Italia
La Rosa Giobatta
La Scala Armando
Landucci Enrico
Leonardo Pietro
Lera Francesca
Lera Virginia
Levi Elisa
Lininger Emilia
Lininger Ida
Liuti Carlo
Livraga Giovanni
Locatelli Ernesta
Luzzatto Leone
Maccapani Antonio
Macorig Domenico
Magro Pietro
Maraldi Pietro
Maranzano Pietro
Marastico Antonia
Mareschi Giuseppe
Marini Maria
Masini Padre Raffaele
Masutti Giuseppe
Mattelig Maria
Mattioni Luigia
Mauro Silvio
Mazzoleni Giuditta
Miani Antonio
Milani Elvira
Miotti Vittoria
Mirri Ida
Modalosso Angela
Monfarrini Eugenio
Montagnari Giuseppe
Moretto Antonio
Moria Giovanni Battista
Nardi Giuseppe
Narduzzi Antonio
Nassutti Maria
Pallotta Rosa
Panzieri Ida
Parigi Luigi Giorgio
Pasqualotti Luigi
Passetta Domenico
Pattinari Padre Luigi Giovanni
Pavani Valentino
Perini Luigia
Peroch Sigismondo
Peroni Giuseppe
Petronio Carlo
Pipolo Luigi
Poinelli Pierina
Polana Antonio
Ranzato Giovanni
Rassi Vittoria
Redivo Antonio
Redivo Elisabetta
Rietti Maria
Rizzi Amalia
Rohr Luigia
Romanelli Elda
Romano Pierina
Roncali Vladimiro
Rossi Eugenio
Rossi Giuseppe
Salon Vittorio
Samaia Carla
Samaia Emma
Sandri Suor Angela
Schiapparoti Brizio Pietro
Sessa Carlo
Siega Regina
Silvestri de Pina
Silvestrini Angelo
Sosto Eugenia
Stampetta Fano Ida
Tartaglia Giuditta
Tedeschi Giuseppe Amedeo
Tellini Pietro
Tenca Montini Clementina
Tognin Elisa
Tomat Severo
Tommasini Sante
Tortato Ester
Trevisi Verginia
Turrini Elena
Utili Giovanni
Valdesi Marcello
Valenzini Regina
Valle Emilia
Valle Ida
Valle Umberto
Vallerugo Aurelio
Varnerin Maria
Vecile Carlo
Veneziani Anna
Veneziani Eloisa
Veneziani Manlio
Venier Antonio
Vianello Federico
Zaiotti Elsa
Zamparo Policarpo
Zanardi Maria
Zennaro Antonio
Zigliatto Giovanna
Zuchetto Anna
Zuliani Virginia