Immigration Records (Departures and arrivals)

Immigration Records (Departures and arrivals)

Each Port A Unique Experience

Immigration became a competitive trade among shipping lines and port cities vied for top ranked spots in immigrant entry. Ports attracted different immigrant populations based on their industries and partnerships with railroads and shipping companies.

List of Italian immigrants in America, Europe and other countries

Departure Records for Italian immigrants

Arrival Records

Beginning in 1820, the US government required ship captains to submit a passenger list or manifest for passengers brought aboard at any foreign port and arriving in a US port. The National Archives holds the lists in microfilm and original form.  The National Archives maintain the lists on microfilm and in original form; many of these documents were digitized and can be viewed online at Ancestry or FamilySearch.

To find your immigrant ancestors who made their way to America through ports other than New York, you can consult:

European Immigration