CISEI – International Centre of Italian Emigration Studies

CISEI – International Centre of Italian Emigration Studies

The CISEI – International Centre of Italian Emigration Studies is a prestigious research institution dedicated to the study of Italian emigration and its impact on global society. Founded in 1994, CISEI has established itself as a leading authority in the field, conducting groundbreaking research and providing valuable resources for scholars, students, and the general public.

CISEI of Genoa, established as a Research Centre on Italian Emigration, aims to constitute a database which is still largely incomplete, starting from existing archive data present in Genoa (first port of departure during the period of Italian emigration) or ports of arrival for Italian emigrants, as well as to organise data from other Italian archive sources.

CISEI – International Centre of Italian Emigration Studies – Archive Project Of Emigrants Leaving From The Port Of Genoa – The purpose of the researches developed in this project is to create a data base that contains names and other information about people leaving the Port of Genoa, as point of departure for Italian and foreign emigrants with any destination in the world.The study takes into consideration passenger traffic coming from Italy and continental Europe in the period: 1833 – 1852. The investigation is focused on the Registers of Maritime Health kept in the Genoa State Archive .

Overview of CISEI – International Centre of Italian Emigration Studies

CISEI is located in Rome, Italy, and is affiliated with the University of Rome “La Sapienza.” The center houses a vast collection of archival materials, photographs, and personal accounts related to Italian migration over the past two centuries. Researchers from around the world come to CISEI to access these resources and collaborate on projects that shed light on the experiences of Italian emigrants and their descendants.

CISEI also organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars on topics related to Italian migration, inviting scholars to present their research and engage in discussions with their peers. The center’s staff includes experts in history, sociology, anthropology, and other disciplines, who work together to advance knowledge and understanding of the complex phenomenon of Italian emigration.

Objectives and Activities of CISEI

The primary objective of CISEI is to promote research and scholarship on Italian emigration and its consequences. The center aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of ideas among scholars from different countries and academic backgrounds. Through its activities, CISEI seeks to raise awareness of the historical significance of Italian migration and its enduring impact on societies worldwide.

In addition to research and academic programs, CISEI is actively involved in outreach and education initiatives aimed at preserving the memory of Italian emigration and promoting cultural heritage. The center collaborates with museums, libraries, and educational institutions to create exhibitions, publications, and educational materials that highlight the stories of Italian emigrants and their contributions to the communities they settled in.

In conclusion, the CISEI – International Centre of Italian Emigration Studies plays a vital role in preserving and disseminating knowledge about the history and legacy of Italian migration. By conducting research, organizing events, and engaging with the public, CISEI continues to enrich our understanding of the global impact of Italian emigration and inspire future generations to explore this rich and complex history.