How to find Italian records online?

How to find Italian records online?

We will now see a list of resources that allow you to locate online records, that is, Italian birth records for free, whether they are records from parishes or civil registries in the form of images or transcriptions in the form of lists. In Italian birth records, you will find information about your ancestor’s parents.

Italian records for legal procedures

If we need an Italian document with a legal signature for a procedure (for example: Italian citizenship), we will have to request that document from the Italian communes or parishes, depending on the time.

It is necessary to keep in mind that:

Italian birth, marriage, and death records for free

But, if our interest is purely genealogical, the digitized image of the record is enough.

Also keep in mind that:

  • Italian civil registry records can be consulted online on FamilySearch and on the Portale Antenati, where you can download digital copies of records for free (Italian records without certification, of course). Please note that this work is still in progress.
  • There are databases of births from some provinces such as Udine and Trento.
  • Volunteer projects like GeneaIndex and Italian Parish Records can be consulted.

Online Italian records: list of municipalities or provinces

On our website, we provide a list that includes information on:

  • Dioceses and/or parishes that have made their records or indexes of their records available online to facilitate searches by interested parties.
  • Digitizations carried out by archives before the creation of the Portale Antenati.
  • Associations of volunteers or individuals who extract data from collections of parish and civil records and place them on the internet, making them available for consultation by interested parties.