The State Archives

The State Archives

Each Italian province has its own State Archive and we can resort to them requesting copies of documents containing data of our ancestors: lists of leva, censuses.

Regions and sources – Portale Antenati: The section presents the archival collections in which one can dip into for research purposes and the state archives that hold these collections. Information about the contents, in brief, is relative to civil registration and the draft records from the 19th and 20th centuries – sources that cover a wide range of geographical areas of the nation and many generations of the Italian population. The term “draft lists” includes the different types of acts (draft lists, extraction lists, lists of exemptions, etc) which are present in the archival collection. Through the URL it is possible to gain access to mailing addresses, to databases produced by the institutions dedicated to these resources, to the information systems of SAN, which delineates the collections of the state archives. (The documentary sources of the state archives for civil and genealogical research).

SIAS: provides access to alphabetically arranged lists of archival fonds held by the state archives and to some of their finding aids.

General Guide to Italian State Archives

Friuli in prim – To allow easier researches, the Archive of the State of Udine has stored online a database.