Saving high resolution records on Antenati

Saving high resolution records on Antenati

Downloading high resolution images from the Antenati Portal

One difficulty with Portale Antenati is the downloading of images (the digitized birth certificate of our ancestor, for example); We can only take a screenshot or share the link of the image. A common problem turns out to be the difficulty in zooming, viewing and reading the information of the records downloaded in this way. Screenshots generally do not make it easy to see difficult-to-read characters. Therefore, downloading high-definition images is a common concern.

Option I: Using the IIIF manifest

Searching on Google, we can find some options for downloading high resolution images from the Portale Antenati, but it seems that not all of them work.

Option II: Configure the Chrome browser

Open the Chrome browser and then click on the “three dots” to access its customization. Enter the Settings option and then Search.

Then select Manage search engines and site searches.

Then look for the Site Searches option and click on the Add button

The next step is to complete the configuration as follows:

Next, when we find an image of our interest, we will proceed to download it by following the following steps:

In this way, we can have a high-resolution copy of the image that interests us, to observe the writing in detail and, above all, clear up doubts.