Port of Naples – People with Migrating Restrictions

Port of Naples – People with Migrating Restrictions

Naples was one of the great Italian migration capitals between the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. This role was recognized officially by the migration bill number 23 passed January 31, 1901, in which it was established that Genoa, Naples and Palermo should be the only ports of departure for people wanting to emigrate.

Information can be found about people with migrating restrictions in the State Archive of Napoli’s website.

The catalogued documents, entitled “Questura di Napoli. Archivio generale. Seconda e terza series – Directory emigrazione di Documenti riguardanti l’italiana “( Naples Police Headquarters . General Archive. Second and third series – Directory Italian emigration) these documents contain complaints to prevent the emigration of some people to the Police Headquarters. There are 668 records inventoried.

We can find on these documents the following information:
– Date
– Name of reported person
– Cause of complaint
– File Number
– Content Description

The reasons of the complaints are varied and interesting, here are some examples:
– Sometimes, the Italians did not apply for their passport in the commune. Then, they had to do this before emigrating.
– Reporting of a crime, pending criminal cases
– Minor running away
– Abandonment of the wife. P.E.: Request of impediment because De Benedetto wants to reach Marseille to join lover / concubine abandoning wife and children. De Benedetto has a regular passport which a withdrawal is requested.
– Other files contain claims concerning the hygienic conditions of the boats. The reports inform the file number where this documentation is preserved.

To view this reports please follow Questura di Napoli. Archivio generale. Seconda e terza series.

You can type the surname that interests us to restrict the search or navigate through the entire list.

Click on the file that interests us. a new window will open, with details of the documentary collection. You can copy the file and collection number, to request a copy to the file.