On the research of disappeared Garibaldini

Alla ricerca dei garibaldini scomparsi

The soldiers who came along with Garibaldi, as volunteers, during the campaigns for the Italian Unification (1860) are usually known as (The Thousand), but they were several thousands volunteers who went to fight under the command of Garibaldi, giving a huge contribution to the project’s success.
The project  Alla ricerca dei garibaldini scomparsi ( On the research of disappeared “Garibaldini”) is supported with funds deposited in the Archives of the State of Turin and Genoa. Its objective is to “get out of the shadow” the memory of these unknown Garibaldini.
On the new webpage of the Archive of the State of Turin it’s possible to get a direct access to the database, which gathers information about these forgotten volunteers.  Although still is not concluded, the project is actually shedding light on the names of 35.000 volunteers.

This figure is not accurate, because some names could have been repeated, but, at the present, is not easy to identify all of them because of lack of comparative information.

The available information for each person is not the same in all the cases, because the data was taken from different sources.

To consult this list, click on this link:  https://archiviodistatotorino.beniculturali.it/naviga-patrimonio/progetti/alla-ricerca-dei-garibaldini-scomparsi/