Are all Italian civil registry books available on the Antenati Portal?

Are all Italian civil registry books available on the Antenati Portal?

The Portale Antenati stands as an invaluable resource for those delving into their genealogical roots in Italy. Developed in collaboration with FamilySearch, this portal provides digital access to an extensive collection of historical Italian civil records. Digitized documents encompass birth, marriage, and death records, offering a glimpse into crucial life events of Italian ancestors.

In this article, we will delve into the wealth of information available on the Antenati Portal and answer the burning question: Are all the Italian civil registry books consulted on this remarkable platform?

Civil records preserved in the archives of the Italian tribunals

A clarification regarding the digitized records contained in the Antenati Portal.

  • The second copy of the civil status books is sent annually to the archives of the Italian courts.
  • This second copy remains in the courts for 70 years before being sent to the state archive. However, in some cases, they have not been sent to the state archives.

Each Italian province has a single state archive, but it may have more than one court archive. FamilySearch has digitized documents preserved in both state archives and court archives (in some cases, even communal archives). However, the cooperation agreement for the Antenati Portal only includes those books preserved in state archives.

Example: The description provided by the Antenati Portal regarding the records of the province of Salerno indicates that some of the records still remain in the court archives of Vallo della Lucania and Sala Consilina.

The stato civile books preserved in the archives of those two courts were digitized and are available for consultation on FamilySearch, but they are not available on Antenati.

It’s essential to note that while FamilySearch has digitized documents from state and court archives, the Portale Antenati focuses exclusively on records preserved in Italian state archives.

Generally, the Stato Civile Napoleonico series is preserved in the Italian State Archives. Remember that there are other projects to digitize Italian civil and parish registers.