Cosenza birth certificates – Portale della Storia degli italiani

This website has changed its location.

This website is about the historical records of Italian population, through the digitized registers conserved in every State Archive participating in this Project.

Images were taken from the Civil Register (acts of birth, marriage and decease) an Military Documents (lists of leva) kept in the State Archive of Cosenza. The list of leva are list of obligatory recruitment in the army in some provinces. Not knowing the name of the commune in which our forbear was born, and knowing only the province’s name, these records become a very important source.

On this site we can find records of leva of Cosenza, Avellino, Ferrara, Nuoro, Ragusa, Terni and Vibo Valentia. This work is just beginning, that’s why in some cases we will not find many documents in some provinces. –> this work was discontinued.

For database consultation go to: the search could be made by individual, profession or by toponymic origin; being the first one the most complete of all three options, relating the first one to the other two options. The first option searches for the surname not only in relation with the person we are interested in, but also in relation to his or her parents, for instance, in the case of an act of birth.

Home page of the Poster Cosenza site. To search for records of that province online it is necessary to enter a surname (take into account that it could be deformed when emigrating).
View of the results of the Poster Cosenza page. To see more data it is necessary to click on the name / s that interest us.

Complete view of the data of each person included in the database.

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If we find information about a military document or a record in which our ancestor appears, we can place an order by mail. To do this, click on Richiesta copy atto, we will find the conditions for sending (email, payment method for the copy, etc.).

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