Italian Genealogy Letters

Italian Genealogy Letters

Asking for vital records to the Italian Registrar of Vital Statistics

I put on this site some models of letter that I use frequently:

– Note asking for information related with Passport Series at the Questura de Napoli

– Note requesting photocopies of the Casellario Politico Centrale (Political Central File)

– Write to Anagrafe requesting a Stato di Famiglia

Requesting for a Civil Registry Document

– Requesting Parish Records

– Model of letter to request military records

– Form letter to a Parish Priest or Archivist

Also, I was searching the web and found form letters in Italian to write to Archivi di Stato, Communes and Dioceses requesting information from your ancestors. Here,  I copy these interesting and necessary  links:

Free Italian translations requesting civil records from Italy – I love this blog. There are sample letters and explanations of documents that we can ask Italy.

Italian Letter-Writing Guide – FamilySearch – This guide is for researchers who do not speak Italian but must write to Italy or parts of Switzerland to request genealogical records. It includes a list of sentences you could use in a letter requesting genealogical records and the Italian translation for each of these sentences.

Sample Letter – by Lisa Shea

Italian Genealogy Form Letters to send genealogical inquiries to Italy

Italian Genealogy Letters – David’s Italian Form Letters to send to Italy. Courtesy of David E. Zerga we have the following help for Italian Genealogical Research.