Italian Coats of arms

Italian Coats of arms

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About the surnames coats of arms, it’s important to figure out that not all surnames have a coat of arms. Coats of arms do not represent a surname, but a specific family carrying that coat ofarms. On the other hand, nobility, at our ancestor’s age was only a very low percentage of the population.

I recommend you to read my friend Pablo Briand’s post alerting us about Genealogy Frauds. Also, consider these and these warnings.

Stemma = coat of arms – Stemmario = Collection of coats of arms

Virtual Heraldic Center

And talking about Heraldry and coats of arms…

In the website we’ll find a Centro Araldico Virtuale (Virtual Heraldic Center). The webmaster of this site has a collection of books with coats of arms of Italian families from different regions and kingdoms of Italy. The collection is composed by rare books discovered by him during his genealogical research. Those books are not original volumes and they have been published by different editorials. But, what is interesting is that those coats of arms were not created with commercial purposes, and in every one of them we can read notes about its origins. The collection has more than 5.000 coats of arms.

Noble families of Napoli
Noble families of Bologna
Noble families of the Toscana
Noble families of the Vesuviano (Napoli)
Stemmario Piemontese
Noble families of Modena
I Cognomi del Sud (Surnames of Southern Italy)
Noble families of Sicilia
Noble families of Italy

ASsociazione Araldica Genealogica Italiana
Studio Araldico Genealogico Guelfi Camaiani
Portale Araldica – by Studio Araldico Genealogico Guelfi Camaiani
Società Italiana di Studi Araldici