Diocesan archives of italy

Heritage in diocesan archives of italy: Guida degli Archivi diocesani d’Italia

diocesan archives of italyFrom the Digital Library of the General Direction of Archives of Italy it’s possible to download a three volumes work titled Guida degli Archivi Diocesani d’Italia. These books belong to another work titled Quaderni della Rassegna degli Archivi di Stato and are the volumes # 61, 75 and 84.

The initiative for a guide to the diocesan archives of Italy was performed in 1984 during the fifteenth session of the Italian Ecclesiastical Archives Association. The data collection has involved 325 dioceses exisimting in Italy prior to the restructuration made in 1986, when their number was significantly reduced.

In this three volumes work, files are sorted in the dioceses’ alphabetical order, and each tab contains data concerning the diocesan archives, a basic historical overview, a list of the funds or series (parish records, statements of souls, etc.), indicating the chronological period, if there are inventories and searching tools, bibliography and any other information. There is also a list of current dioceses in Italy until 1985 and changes made in 1986.

When you consult these documents you’ll have knowledge about the file of the respective diocesan books of the parish where your ancestors were baptized or married and what time frame these books cover and preserve. In this way we can make our request for documentation.