Surnames Iacovelli, Iacovella, Lo Iacono, Iacobelli

Surnames Iacovelli, Iacovella, Lo Iacono, Iacobelli

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Surnames: Iachelli, Iachello, Iachetta, Iachetti, Iachi, Iachini, Iachino, Iaci, Iacini, Iacino, Iaco, Iacobacci, Iacobbe, Iacobbi, Iacobelli, Iacobellis, Iacobini, Iacobino, Iacobitti, Iacobo, Iacobone, Iacoboni, Iacobucci, Iacolo, Iacomelli, Iacometta, Iacometti, Iacomi, Iacomini, Iacomino, Iacomo, Iacomoni, Iacopetti, Iapichelli, Iapichella, Iappichini, Iacopini, Iacopino, Iacopo, Iacopucci, Iacovacci, Iacovella, Iacovelli, Iacoviello, Iacovini, Iacovo, Iacovone, Iacovucci, Iacuvelli, Iacuelli, Iacovucci, Iacovuzzi, Iacovone, Iacovacci, lacovizzi, Iacovini, Iacuissi  and Dello Iacovo, De Iaco. 

they are derived from the given name Giacomo.

In some regions of Italy, the contraction (ie the loss of a syllable) gave rise to Iaco and from there numerous suffixed variants arose. The Italian practice of shortening names by dropping off syllables, was also typical during the medieval ages.

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