Surnames Comussi, Cominello, Comellini, Comotto

Surnames Comussi, Cominello, Comellini, Comotto

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By incorporating apheresis (deletion of an initial syllable), the name Giacomo becomes Como, with all the suffixed variants: Como, Comi, Comin. Derivatives with three syllables Comina, Comini, Comello, Comelli, Comel, Cometto, Cometti, Comino, Comucci, Comuzzo, Comuzzi, Comussi, Comotto, Comiotto, Comotti, Comolli, Comastri.

Other derivatives with four syllables Comellini, Comelini, Comellato, Cominello, Cominelli, Cominetti, Cominotto, Cominotti, Cominato. But, we must make the caveat that these surnames could also derive from a place name, for example: Como (province and commune).

The addition of suffixes that give a different connotation to the surname.