Surnames Moschino, Mosconi, Moscardi and more

Surnames Moschino, Mosconi, Moscardi and more

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Mósca, Móschi, Musca, Muscas, Moschella, Moschelli, Moscarella, Moscarello, Moscariello, Moscarelli, Muscarella, Muscarello, Moschetta, Moschetto, Moschétti, Moschino, Moschini, Moschin, Moscolin, Moschitta, Moscaroli, Moscône, Mosconi, Moscón, Moscolóni, Moscardo, Moscardi, Moscardino, Moscardini

These surnames arise from proper names and nicknames formed by the word mosca = fly + the addition of suffixes. Mosca was applied in the sense of ‘small and clumsy person, or annoying’ etc. It is thought that at the end of the Middle Ages, some people belonging to the founding families were given the nickname “fly” because they were considered insistent and obstinate.

Moscardo and Moscardino can refer to types of hawk and sparrowhawk, or small polyps.