Surnames Giacomello, Giacomelli, Giacometti, Giacomino and more

Surnames Giacomello, Giacomelli, Giacometti, Giacomino and more

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Giacomelli, Giacomello, Giacometti, Giacomi, Giacomin, Giacomìn, Giacomini, Giacomino, Giacomo, Giacomoni, Giacomozzi, Giacomucci, Giacomuzzi, Giacomazzi, Giacomazzo

Giacobazzi, Giacobbe, Giacobbi, Giacobelli, Giacobini, Giacobo, Giacobone, Giacolóne, Giacon, Giacopazzi, Giacopelli, Giacopetti, Giacopini, Giacopino, Giacopo, Giacoppo, Giacovani, Giacovazzo, Giacovelli, Giappichelli, Giappichini, Giocoboni 

they are derived from the given name Giacomo, with the addition of suffixes.

Giacomo, Giacobo, Giacopo and Giacobbe are originally the same name. It is a proper male name, equivalent to the Spanish Jaime, Diego, Santiago, Jacobo. one

The name Jacopo, derived from the Hebrew Giacobbe, together with the Greco-Byzantine variant Giacomo (widespread during the Middle Ages), have given rise to a wide variety of surnames of religious inspiration.
Ya’āgob is the name of the patriarch Jacob in the Old Testament, and of the apostles James the Greater and James the Less in the New Testament.
The Hebrew name, in turn, derives from Yah, an abbreviation for Yahweh = God, and gob = protect, therefore ‘God has protected’. two

See also the notes on other surnames derived from Giacomo, according to the study carried out in the early 1900s by Angelo Biogioanni.

Along with the addition of suffixes, the name Giacomo contracted into Giaco and Iaco, giving rise to many more surnames.

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