List of Italian immigrants – Premium Access


This list is partial, it covers isolated periods of time, but they are still useful. The main purpose of this list is to give access to information that goes unnoticed by people that are beginning their search of ancestors.

Why using these lists

 With these lists you can find:

  • information about your ancestors
  • Places of birth, in case they are unknown
  • If there are references of a child born abroad and the exact place of birth is unknown, you can consult with the state archive to find the community that registered the birth. It is important to remember that the lists of leva were firstly written by communities, later were written the lists of leva del circondario.
  • Records of Italians that migrated to other countries. Since Italian immigration was a massive exodus to different continents, these lists offer interesting details and references about it.
  • You can select the columns where you want the search to be performed by checking the drop-down menu (to the left of the search box). The search engine looks for the entered word (which can be a surname, the name of a town, a country, etc.) in all the columns of the table). In the REFERENCE column, you will find web links to search for additional information.